Fluid Skimmers

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Fluid Skimmers

Conquest’s management team engineered a self-contained skimmer system to separate gas, sand, oil and water. This system is used with all Coiled Tubing jobs to ensure the wellsite location is free of hazardous vapors and recirculated fluid is as clean as possible to promote excellent blending with the completion chemicals.

  • Open-top tank capacity – 400 bbls
  • Location footprint – 45 ft. x 8 ft
  • Tested flow rate – up to 15 bbl/min with no over flow
  • Titan trash pumps on board –
    • Can handle solids up to 1.5”
    • 480V intrinsically safe with explosion proof electrical housings
    • Metal belt guards to prevent injury
    • Two 6” x 6” pumps
    • Two 3” x 3” pumps
  • OSHA approved catwalks – equipped with safety pins to prevent accidental closure or collapse
  • Barrel markers – to track returns during a job
  • Color coded electrical connections – to prevent errors while connecting