Completion Fluids

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Completion Fluids

Conquest has engineered and manufactured state-of-the-art mixing plant systems to enhance the blending and delivery of completions fluids. We can provide a very detailed and regimented chemical program for frac plug drill outs that have been used in the successful completion of over 2,000 wells.

  • Twin 50-bbl tanks which enable the team to blend and hydrate sweeps in one tank while continuing to supply slick water and other additives continually to the pump truck.
  • Each tank is equipped with hydraulic agitators and gun lines to ensure complete blending and shear of coil tubing chemicals.
  • Each mixing plant is equipped with plenty of pumps to handle all of the operator’s surface fluid transfers.
  • Chemicals are transported on the back of the unit in totes and are transferred into the blending area through diaphragm pumps and are measured by the quarter gallon.
  • Mixing plant is OSHA compliant with handrails, stairs, explosion-proof lighting and pumps, eyewash station, first aid kit, PPE kit, MSDS books, and lock-out-tag-out equipment.
  • Figure 100 hammer union connections and hoses with crimped connections that help prevent spills.
  • Well cost summary done at the end of the well with all cost associated with the drill-out. Complete sweep logs with date, time, product used, viscosity of sweep before and after being pumped.
  • Stage logs for each stage of drill-out so you can see how much each plug cost to drill-out.

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