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Established in 2014, Conquest Completion Services operates one of the largest fleets of high capacity extended reach coiled tubing units in the Lower 48. As an early mover in the large diameter coiled tubing market, we strategically focus on providing an end-to-end, fully integrated and engineered solution for servicing complex wellbores in unconventional plays in the Permian, Eagle Ford and Midcon.

Our years of success have shown that optimizing a full suite of ancillary services during a drill-out yields a highly repeatable and reliable solution for our customers. Utilizing sophisticated software, combined with real boots-on-the-ground experience, to design system parameters around each wellbore’s coefficient of friction, enables an operator and service provider to jointly select the most appropriate combination of fluid systems, pressure control devices, flowback systems, and downhole tool assemblies that yield the desired outcome the highest percentage of time. Utilizing our engineered solutions approach has allowed us to successfully complete up to 15,000’ laterals in the Permian in approximately 60% less time than other drillout methods on comparable wells.

Our experienced management team is comprised of individuals that offer extensive technical and downhole knowledge. With backgrounds in E&P, production, well servicing, directional drilling, thru-tubing, and, most importantly, 30+ years of coiled tubing, our product knowledge and understanding of your wellbore environment make our team capable of conquering any of today’s challenges.